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Our business

"We operate import-export business on behalf of our customers. We arrange door-to-door delivery: from the hands of our customers to their clients. From 2012, we issue JIFFA-certified B/Ls.

We also select import-export-related operations such as ""customs clearance (including related tasks)"", ""delivery and pick-up arrangements"" , the most appropriate for each port and outsource such operations to our affiliated companies."


Our service

  • 貨物の集荷・配送
  • 本船予約
  • 輸出入通関
  • バン詰め・デバン作業
  • 貨物保管 など
  • Pick up and delivery cargos
  • Booking
  • Vanning and Devanning
  • Cargo storage etc.


"If you have any problems or questions regarding imports and exports, Please contact us by all means once."


Flow of export

  1. ご依頼・ご要望等詳細確認、必要書類の入手。

  2. 船会社へBOOKING・配送や通関の手配。

  3. 税関にて書類審査や検査が行なわれ輸出許可となる。

  4. 船会社に貨物の詳細書類を差し入れ。

  5. 船が出港後、船会社へ諸チャージを支払い、B/Lを受取る。

  6. 発行されたB/Lと輸出許可書は輸出者へ。

  7. 輸出者は必要書類を輸入者へ。

B/L(Bill of Loading):船荷証券


  1. Confirm details on request contents and demands. Obtain necessary documents.

  2. Arrangement of booking to a shipping company, delivery, and customs.
    Cargo pick-up to a specified location, delivery to a port and vanning as necessary.

  3. Document examination and inspection at customs are performed. After that, an export permit is issued.

  4. Detailed documents of cargoes are handed to the shipping company.

  5. After ship is departed, charges are paid to the shipping company and B/L are released.

  6. Issued B/Ls and export permits handed to exporters.

  7. Exporters send necessary documents to importers.

B/L (Bill of Loading): A document which certifies the receipt and lading of the cargo at the loading port.

Vanning: To load cargoes into a container.


Flow of import

  1. ご依頼・ご要望等詳細確認、必要書類の入手。

  2. 配送・通関の手配。

  3. 入港後、CY/CFSへ貨物搬入し税関に輸入申告。

  4. 船会社よりA/Nを入手し、諸チャージを支払い、貨物のリリース依頼を行う。

  5. CY/CFSに搬出予約を行う。(D/O(荷渡指図書)の交換が必要な場合あり)
    B/Lの差し入れ又は現地でのSURRENDER / WAYBILL処理が必要

  6. 輸入者に貨物を配送、納入。

A/N(Arrival Notice) : 貨物到着案内

  1. Confirm details on request contents and demands. Obtain necessary documents.

  2. Arrangement of delivery and customs.

  3. After arrival in a port, cargoes are delivered to a CY/CFS and import declaration made to customs. Document examination and inspection at customs is performed. After import duty and consumption tax are paid, import is permitted.

  4. After getting A/N, Charges are paid to the shipping company.
    Then, it arrange for picking up cargos.

  5. Make reservation to CY/CFS for pick up. (in cases, need D/O)
    Required : hand in B/L or Surrender or WAYBILL

  6. Transportation and delivery of cargoes to importers.

A/N(Arrival Notice): Document for advice of shipment arrival
(Advice of shipment arrival to consignees by the shipping company or agency at the port of discharge.)


Flow of arrangement

Contact information for
import-export agency


When you send e-mail, please specify the following required items.

  • 御社名
  • ご担当者名
  • ご連絡先(メールアドレス、電話番号)
  • お問い合わせ内容
  • Your company name
  • Your name (PIC)
  • Contact detail (e-mail address, phone number)
  • Inquiry details



If you have any problems or questions regarding imports and exports,Please contact us by all means once.

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